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One of the most serious dangers workers in certain industries face is from arc flash, electric shock, fire, molten metal splash and chemicals, etc. — can result in serious injury or death to workers. Apro workwear carries a full line of protective clothing, safety workwear and PPE to keep workers safe in these industries. Our safety products line includes arc flash protective and flame resistant clothing, fire fighting clothing, aluminized clothing, chemical resistant clothing and other PPE products.

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8 results, Arc Flash Protection Clothing Kit and Standards ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E; Varies by Color, Size, ATPV Rating and Hazard Risk Category (HRC), 8.0 cal./cm2, 2, Navy, S, 426M54. $502.40 / each. 8.0 cal./cm2, 2, Navy, S, 426M68. $715.60 / each. 8.0 cal./cm2, 2, Navy, M, 426M55. $502.40 / each. 8.0 cal.

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Arc Flash Protection Clothing Kits. Mitchell Instruments offers Arc Flash Clothing kits ranging from 8 cal/cm2 to 100 cal/cm2. Arc flash protection is critically important to keep workers safe. Thanks to improved equipment, safety procedures and protective clothing the number of fatalities and injuries has decreased dramatically...

Arc Flash Protective Clothing