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58to 60flame resistant and arc flash

One of the most serious dangers workers in certain industries face is from arc flash, electric shock, fire, molten metal splash and chemicals, etc. — can result in serious injury or death to workers. Apro workwear carries a full line of protective clothing, safety workwear and PPE to keep workers safe in these industries. Our safety products line includes arc flash protective and flame resistant clothing, fire fighting clothing, aluminized clothing, chemical resistant clothing and other PPE products.

The Difference Between Arc Rated (AR) and Flame Resistant (FR ...

There's a new acronym in the world of PPE, and it has been causing confusion, both among folks new to the subject as well as those long familiar with FR (Flame Resistant) clothing. The letters AR stand for Arc Rated, and made their debut in the recent revision of NFPA 70E; the short explanation of the difference is that...

The Difference between Flame Resistant and Arc Rated Clothing

May 9, 2016, Understanding the difference: an explanation of the testing and use differences between flame resistant, flash fire rated, and arc rated clothing.

Arc Flash Hoods - Flame Resistant and Arc Flash Clothing - Grainger

24 results, Help protect employees against arc flash, shock and other hazards with flame-resistant arc flash hoods from Grainger. Shop now for reliable arc flash protection.

Arc Flash and Flame Resistance: Do you know the difference?

Dec 15, 2015, In 2012, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) updated the way that personal protective equipment is rated to differentiate between flame resistance (FR) and arc rated (AR). Although they're often used interchangeably, these two classifications mean very different things and the distinction between...

Arc Flash Protective Clothing